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themoerae replied to your photo:Mystery package came in today from my brother and…

Now we know where you live!

Feel free to send pizza, cookies, and beer! haha 

They sent me a shirt for their team. My brother and sister in law will be running along with well over 120 people (Team Sigala) in order to help fund the adoption process for families in the Texas area.

It’s something that I’m extremely excited about even if I can’t be there in person.

Mystery package came in today from my brother and sister in law :)))

I saw in one of your posts awhile back you were starting a park medic program. Are you still working on that, or is that done with already?

I’m planning on taking the course this coming January as long as there is space for me.I’m currently working on the application process and getting everything I need sorted out. I’m currently an EMT-B. 


Life is about priorities. 1) climbing. 2) great views. 3) coffee.

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It seems as though product designers never run out of creativity when it comes to tea infusers, and this awesome Cliff The Climber Tea Infuser shows exactly what we’re talking about.

Just when we thought we’d covered all of the coolest tea infusers on the market, good ole Cliff entered the picture. This stainless steel constructed infuser is shaped like a mountain climber complete with all his gear. After you’ve dipped your tea strains into the water, simply remove the climbing man and place him right onto the included dip tray. Pick your own Cliff the Climber from Amazon.

Okay, Officially am ordering this beautiful thing.


Top of Picts Corrie, Antarctica | photo: Steve Stout